At St. Mary’s church, we believe we are all part of one family and the same quality food that is available to the wealthy should be available to people who are struggling or unsheltered. Everyone deserves a great meal. That is why, from our home in downtown Kitchener, we’ve launched St. Mary’s Tiny Home Takeout.

kitchen entrance

Calzones and Daily Bites will be served from the takeout window of the Tiny Home in front of the church from Tuesday to Saturday from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome!

Whether you’re living on the street, squeezing your grocery budget to pay the bills, or living a middle-class life, Tiny Home Takeout is happy to feed you and your family. We believe that everyone in our downtown community has the right to great food, cooked with care and served with dignity, regardless of economic standing.

To make this vision a reality, St Mary’s has invested in a full commercial kitchen, hired Chef Amy Cyr, and installed a Tiny Home in front of the church to make the food accessible to all.

Donations are welcome. If you can afford to contribute when you pick up your dinner, we will have a debit machine in the Tiny Home window. All donations are appreciated and will help us continue to prepare quality food.

Whether you can contribute or not, every dinner you have from the St. Mary’s Tiny Home Takeout project supports this work – because it means you are sharing a meal with different people from across the city.

Chef Amy