Our volunteers are the heartbeat of Tiny Home Takeout. Please contact us below if you are interested in joining us and learning about our flexible shift options and time commitment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Fill out the contact form below and we will provide you with all the information you need to join our team!

There is a volunteer information form that needs to be filled out and we require a Vulnerable Sector Police Record Check – we will give you the letter necessary to get it completed. We will also reimburse the $20 upon request.

We do not have any set expectations in terms of the amount of time you must volunteer regularly, but we do ask that you stick around for the duration of the entire shift as much as possible. The shifts are 3 & 4 hours in duration (see below). Note: If we haven’t seen or heard from you in a long while we will reach out, otherwise, volunteers schedule themselves based on their own schedules using the 7Shifts app. 

10am-2pm Tuesday to Saturday

The prep crew – during this shift volunteers prepare all the ingredients for the calzones and the daily bite, they work on dough, and prepare the kitchen for the evenings service.

2pm-6pm Tuesday to Saturday

The afternoon crew helps tidy up the morning, and helps to turn all the ingredients into the delicious bite of the day. The rolling of the dough as well as the saucing and calzone dressing begins during this shift.

4pm-8pm Tuesday to Saturday

This is the service shift – this is where all the food we worked on during the day makes it way out to our customers. There are indoor positions and outdoor positions during this shift – please dress ready for the weather! 

10am-1pm Tuesday to Saturday

The sandwich making crew makes sandwiches and prepares meal bags for the delivery team in the evening.

9am-12pm Sunday

Meal Prep crew assists the chef in preparing and packaging the 200 bites required for the delivery teams to pick up on Sunday and Monday

Sandwich making crew prepares the sandwiches for the meal bags for Monday

Interested in the delivery side of things? Let us know this when you inquire and we will forward your information to the right people!

Email us or complete the online form to be sent more information.